A Message by Dr G Samaram

Executive Director
Swetcha Gora Eye Bank

Eyes are the Window to the World. They are one of the most precious organs in our body. They are useful to us when alive and even after death. Our eyes can be kept alive by donating them to a needy blind person. Our humanitarian gesture of donating eyes after death can be a ray of hope and make the future bright to a person who is blind.

Every year 80-90 lakh people die in India but only 12000-15000 are donating their eyes. Nearly 30 lakh people are corneal blind in India out of which half of them are children. In the present situation of correct knowledge is acquired we will not have any corneal blind people in our country.

Each one of us can do our bit in creating awareness and driving out superstitions related to eye donation. In a country like Srilanka, almost all the people are donating eyes and even they are supplying cornea to nearly 40 countries. When a country like Srilanka can do, why not we Indians come forward to support the cause.

Let us all join our hands to support eye banks and eye donation.

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